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About Us

UTR was setup to fill in a specific niche, and that’s to handle the process of repatriation of foreign workers. Thus, UTR is one of the largest, if not the most establish company in Singapore doing Repatriation of Foreign Workers. 

With the boom in construction industry, companies naturally has to import more foreign workers to fill up the work needed. However, with the increase of foreign worker, it also means more problems for company who hire them. Ranging from missing workers to workers playing empathy cards with NGO.

UTR is proud to say, as the leading repatriation of foreign worker in Singapore, we have a vast experience in handing most, if not all situation that foreign workers might pose to the employer.

As such, let UTR handle these situation while employer concentrate on their main core business.

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UTR Trans & Services Pte Ltd

Contact: 8124 8897

137 Kitchener road
Singapore 208519